Customer Service: Delivering the ‘WOW’ Experience

Delivering the WOW Experience

When it is business that one is talking about, there is just one God – that is the customer. A business concern’s primary duty is to look after customer satisfaction. It must provide the customer with an experience so good and satisfying, that the customer is bound to return time and again to the same brand.

Whether it is the stress of the competition or a desire to profit more and more, for some reason, businesses have somehow forgotten what their main focus should be. The customer under all circumstances must be the main focus of any business – big or small. Some people forget about the customer service while competing with other businesses and cutting down prices like there is no tomorrow.

Hence the important thing to keep in mind to survive in such cut throat competition is to actually look after the customer. In other words, a business concern must be customer- driven. That will definitely give the business an edge of its own.

The ‘WOW’ experience of the customers can be brought about after following a couple of simple steps.

Many business concerns only satisfy their customers. And customer satisfaction is not enough to make the customer come back. It is the duty of the business concern to give its customers an experience that they shall cherish. One should simply delight the customers beyond words. That is what will guarantee, the loyalty of the customers as well as in flow of new customers all the time.

A concerned and customer driven business house establishes a relationship with the customers. They actually ask the customers about their needs. This not only helps the customer to express their latent needs as well, but also it enables the company to modify its products or introduce new products accordingly, thereby guaranteeing greater customer satisfaction. Such methods of strengthening the seller-customer relationship are extremely important.

A customer driven organization would go beyond its way to create a product. They think out of the box to add to their products everything that their customer can possibly expect. They strive hard to surprise the customer with their thoughtfulness. The difference between these organizations and others is that, the latter simply gives the customer what they need while the former actually goes to the extent of understanding the customer’s psyche, and give them even that, which they had not expected.

While some organizations try to cut down the number of complaints, business organizations driven by customers, try to generate compliments from the customers. The organization strives to bring out the ‘words of wonder’- the ‘WOW’ experience.

The company has to be unconventional to generate successful ‘WOW’ experiences. Their products, marketing strategy has to be out of the box. The company must be able to tie up its customer in an emotional bonding with itself. Knowing their customers in and out should be the prerogative of a company that wishes to be driven by its customers. The ‘WOW’ of the customers, can guarantee many WOWs from the competitors.