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Welcome to FusionRetail 6

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FusionRetail 6 is easy-to-use application for retailing businesses to track sales, inventory and customer information.

This gives you the power to make more informed decisions, and the freedom to help go home earlier.

FusionRetail 6 provides out-of-the-box Point of Sale software designed to work in a single independent store as well as chain of stores.

FusionRetail Inventory saves time and money by automating stores at an affordable price.

Getting started new users

Study the Introduction and Quick Start Tutorials sections to familiarize yourself with the basics of the program.
Check out all the links in the Help tab plenty of help is available!

Getting started users upgrading from FusionRetail 5

See the Upgrade FAQ for a quick summary of the major changes and where to find the functions you are looking for.
Even if you are an experienced FusionRetail user, please run through the Introduction and Quick Start Tutorials sections quickly to understand the interface and its functions.