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6 Multi Store Retail Challenges and Their Solutions... Are you a multi store retailer looking for solutions to your chain store management problems? Not to worry. FusionRetail has an answer to your troubles. Below are 6 challenges of multi store retailing...

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Prepaid Taxi Booth Billing Software by Rancelab Have you ever stood in the prepaid taxi queue outside Howrah station in Kolkata? The agony of the long wait, first for getting your token and then for finding your cab - is often unbearable. Same is the...

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5 Dumb Ways to Manage Your Store So you think you are a smart manager? That you know very well how to manage your store? You are probably right too. You must have gathered a lot of experience over the years in managing your retail...

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Running A Retail Mall With a Software Retail malls have their own set of operational issues. They range from longer queue management to more extensive inventory management. It often becomes daunting. See how Shankar Mall in Dhanbad has...

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Managing a Wholesale Business With a Retail Software Did you think managing a wholesale business with a retail software is possible? "Why not!" says our client Shankar Novelty. Check out this video by their proprietor Mr. Ashoke Kumar Saw where he talks...

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What Is Data Mining?

Data Mining is the art of exploring new, useful, and profitable relationships in data.

In every retail business, we study what happens in order to improve. We study our prospective customers. We study our actual customers. We study what we do and how we do it. We study whether our sales people are competent enough to bring the sales forecasted.

Primary objective is to trigger out patterns of behavior — forecast outcomes — and turn these into profitable opportunities and ventures.

The past study of such patterns was severely limited by the amount of human effort involved, and by the expense of gathering the necessary data to do the relevant exercise.

But, in the last few years, the balance has changed. More data is readily available to most businesses than ever before. More computing power is available to process that data, and automated techniques that can be used to find patterns in that data with limited human intervention. The entire process have become more matured.