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Prepaid Taxi Booth Billing Software by Rancelab Have you ever stood in the prepaid taxi queue outside Howrah station in Kolkata? The agony of the long wait, first for getting your token and then for finding your cab - is often unbearable. Same is the...

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5 Dumb Ways to Manage Your Store So you think you are a smart manager? That you know very well how to manage your store? You are probably right too. You must have gathered a lot of experience over the years in managing your retail...

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Managing a Wholesale Business With a Retail Software Did you think managing a wholesale business with a retail software is possible? "Why not!" says our client Shankar Novelty. Check out this video by their proprietor Mr. Ashoke Kumar Saw where he talks...

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5 Reasons to automate your business

Category : Simplifying Restaurant Businesses, Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

New financial year is on the card and you must be planning for automation.
Here’s a few tips and benefits to facilitate your decision.

1. Explore the power of technology
Install ready-to-use solution tailored according to your business requirements
Simple, yet powerful enough to handle all complex business tasks.
Accurate data entries, faster report generation and maintenance free IT infrastructure

2. Sell more with automated systems
Evaluate the purchasing pattern of customers periodically
Give those quick-selling goods prime position in the display
“When you see it, you buy it”.

3. Serve more customers and market yourself better
Know your customer’s preferences and tastes
Implement more engaging loyalty programs with automated systems
“More customers = More sales = More profit”

4. Eliminate dependency and double book-keeping
Integrated systems reduces duplication of work and increases efficiency
It reduces manpower dependency, there by reducing human-errors
No need for maintaining separate books for inventory and accounts

5. You can go home earlier and live a better life
Automated systems and process streamlines your efforts
It shoulders your responsibility even when you’re away from it.
You’ve got more time, so why not?

Click here to achieve better performance and greater control in your business.

5 reasons to visit RanceLab® at AAHAR 2014

Category : News and Events, Simplifying Restaurant Businesses


Reason 1: Increase your Restaurant sales up to 30%
• Increase the number of customers through promotions
• Increase the average sale with cross-sale, up-sale
• Increase the customer frequency through referral programs

Reason 2: Save your order execution time by 70%
• Take orders for each table using touch screen monitor, tablet or mobile apps
• Print or Display order ticket (KoT) at respective kitchen and beverage counter
• Faster execution enhances your guest experience and increases table turn

Reason 3: Manage your Restaurant smartly, small or big, individual or chain
• Control and manage all settings from head office
• Synchronize and analyse data in real-time
• Maximize returns with understanding of changing consumer behavior

Reason 4: Profitable menu management with food-costing
• Set different menu pricing based on AC and Non-AC, Quick Service or Home Delivery
• Create different menu for different location and control price revisions centrally
• Set colours and positions to menu items, add item image for easy recognition

Reason 5: Faster and on-time decision with Mobile and Web-based reporting
• Take faster business decisions with anytime, anywhere reports
• Choose suitable app for your Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry device
• Self-serve reporting and on-demand analysis

Meet the Experts behind RanceLab® FusionResto at
AAHAR, Pragati Maidan Hall 6, Stand 49A, 10-14 Mar 2014

Business Expansion with FusionResto

Category : Customer Loyalty, Simplifying Restaurant Businesses

Expansion is a dream every business owner has in his / her eyes. Though, the process of expanding is not a cakewalk. Things that have worked for you before may not work for the new venture.

However some things will definitely work. And you can emulate them without putting much thought. This leaves you to focus on more important things.

Chaskaa Cafe is one such business on the verge of expansion. Its partner Rahul tells us more about this:

Chaskaa Café is a very popular multi-cuisine restaurant in Kolkata. They have grown considerably in very less time. Rahul attributes a part of this success to Rancelab. He tells us why he wants to expand with Rancelab.

To quote Rahul’s exact words, “We want to expand with RanceLab because we are very satisfied with their services.” Out of all the benefits of FusionResto, the comprehensive daily analysis reports has helped them the most.

They also swear by our after sales support. In case of need, if we could not go to the cafe we solved the issue on TeamViewer. But we made sure we solved it. They never had to stop work because of FusionResto.

It is said that you should not change the things that work best for you. Let FusionResto take care of your operations while you worry about the more difficult parts of expansions.

If you are also looking to expand, Download a FREE DEMO today & see how we can help you.

Peter Cat uses FusionResto

Category : Simplifying Restaurant Businesses

Peter Cat is a landmark restaurant in Park Street, Kolkata. They are very popular for their cuisine. With an average rating of 4 stars from food and travel websites, they have become one of the best food joints of the city.

Peter Cat uses our software FusionResto to manage their restaurant operations. Check out the video below to know what FusionResto can do for your restaurant, club or bar:

Crowd Management by Ice Lounge Minus 6 Degree

Category : Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Restaurant Businesses, Smart Tips

Do you often struggle with the question – How to manage crowd at my restaurant better? Peak hours may give you the feeling that you are running a race against time. Everything needs to be done simultaneously. How do you pull that off?

As much as a queue of visitors is good for the popularity of your restaurant, the experience is not something your customers enjoy. Hence, it becomes important to manage the kitchen, billing counter, order service and the impatient queue efficiently. And do all this in time.

In this video above, Mr Rajat of Minus 6 degree talks about how our restaurant management software FusionResto helps them manage the restaurant well during peak hours. The trick is to save time at every possible step of operation.

With a touch POS, they save time that would have been otherwise spent on typing out details. As soon as orders are taken, KOTs get printed in the kitchens. This saves the time waiters spend in going to the kitchen with the order. The order starts getting prepared faster and hence, served faster.

Individually, these appear to be minimal changes. But collectively they create an impact. Minus 6 degree is the first Ice Lounge in Kolkata. Its innovative uniqueness attracts a lot of customers. Having a sound crowd management system helps them serve their customers better.

You probably cannot make your customers eat faster. But you can definitely change things at your end and notice the difference.

If you are looking for more ways in which you can manage your restaurant better during peak hours, download a FREE DEMO of FusionResto, a Restaurant Management software by Rancelab.

7 Tips to Run a Successful Restaurant

Category : Customer Loyalty, Simplifying Restaurant Businesses, Smart Tips

ways to make successful restaurantYour restaurant does better (much better actually) when there are large number of new and repeat customers flocking your restaurant at all times. But, how do you make this happen?

Here is a list of thing you could do for making your restaurant wildly successful :

Tip 1: Treat your guests as the most important persons of your business. You are in business because they are here.

Tip 2: Try to make them wait the least. Encourage them to book in advance.
Arrange for some activities or something to forward to / do while they wait, specially for children.

Tip 3: Courteous & knowledgeable wait-staff can make a lot of difference to your guest’s experience. Get the best captains and wait-staff that you can afford. Train them like crazy.

Tip 4: Soft music can create a fantastic ambiance for their dining experience and improve their appetite. Make sure the music matches your menu. You can’t play hard rock with a traditional, north Indian menu.

Tip 5: While having large number of tables can accommodate more guests,
giving your guests enough space around the tables is vital for their comfort and privacy.
It also helps to serve them easily without the risk of spillages. Don’t clutter your dining area.

Tip 6: Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some like it spicy, some like it bland.
Try to collect feedback from every guest without pestering them too much.
Make sure you attend to all negative comments promptly.

Tip 7: Remember them on their birthdays and anniversaries.
You can become their favorite dining destination because of this thoughtfulness.

Remember! They are at your restaurant to have a great evening. Your efforts towards ensuring this will not go unrewarded.

Home Delivery of Food: Bon Appétit At The Doorstep Of Foodies

Category : Simplifying Restaurant Businesses

Some of India’s top sit down eateries are building on the wisdom of fast-food chains, saying bon appétit at the doorstep of patrons who are cutting expenses by eating out less.

What is making home delivery preferred over full-service restaurants?

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5 tips for sweet shop owners to increase sale in the festive season

Category : Simplifying Restaurant Businesses, Smart Tips


A popular sweet shop (name withheld) in Kolkata is well-known for their sweets and unique concepts of gift for festive occasions like Diwali. This Dhanteras, I along with my wife went to shop some sweets and gifts for our family and relatives.
The shop is well-spread in 4000 sq ft area of a newly constructed residential complex. The shop was reasonably packed with Diwali shoppers either waiting to collect their pre-ordered items or for a fresh buy. Sharing the experience I had and felt pity for the business-owners as they could have made the most, if they would have taken certain measures.
  1. There was nobody to attend us as we roam inside the store for good 20 minutes. We approached the store-staff to help us find the right items to which we were asked to wait for at least 30 minutes. 
  2. Most of their staffs were busy packing the trays and gifts that were pre-ordered. Whichever counter we went to, we were redirected to another counter for help.
  3. The items put on display were rotten and we were advised not to purchase them.
  4. There was no price tag on any sweet so the idea of self-help also failed. 
  5. Asked a gentleman at the cash-counter who justified with the saying that "we are working overnights since last couple of nights so bear with us" 
We looked for the owner, who too were busy instructing his team for deliveries.
Frustrated and felt left-alone at that point, decided to step out of the showroom. Before leaving the shop, I wanted to leave a gentle note on the counter that we were here to purchase but nobody attended us for almost 35 minutes, so we are leaving. Meanwhile, the owner came to desk to rescue and called up one of the store-staff and instructed him to attend us. Finally we were happy that we got the sweets from our favourite shop. This inspired me to write down 5 tips for sweet shops to improve customer satisfaction and increase sale in the festive season. 
Price Tag with Item Name: When asked the price from store-staff we were given different prices for same items. 3 people gave 3 different prices for same item. A simple price tag along with the item name could have reduced the number of customer queries by at least 90%.
Computer Generated Bills: Hand-made bills with random discounts. After we were done with the purchase, 4 handmade estimate-slips were given to us from different counters. We ware asked to re-check the total of different slips totalling Rs.6010 which he rounded off (discounted) and made it Rs.5575. Fortunately, there was no totalling mistake. A simple point of sale billing software for sweet (mithai) shops could help to make faster sale.
Separate Order and Delivery Counter: The overall buying involved much interaction with staff like asking for price, placing the order, asking where to make payment, actually making the payment and coming back for delivery. What if they can have an ordering counter where order is taken along with the payment? The order is then sequentially communicated to the packing staff who packs and send it to delivery counter. Proper signage will help the customer to understand and adapts to the system in no time. 
Independent Cash Handling: I went to the cash-counter and paid the Rs.6000 to settle the invoice of Rs.5575.The gentleman (one of the family member, not operator) at the counter was busy, noting down slip number and amount. He refunded Rs.625 instead of Rs.425 [excess Rs.200]. I returned the same to him and told that this is excess to which he said this is Diwali time and it happens. What if there is a way which allows them to hand over the cash handling to a staff instead of depending on a family member. This will ease out the pressure of festive season and increase sale.
Order Management: In the festive season, it is common for customers to place the order in advance. These customers come back to store to take the delivery on that particular festive day. What if a home delivery can be arranged, if asked for? 

The customer globally has become more demanding. These tips will help you to adapt to the growing expectations of customer and deliver them round-the-clock service and more personalized product offerings. FusionRetail protects you from price-cutting and competition pressures and helps you remain fit and lead the race.

Efficient Automation of Restaurant, Kitchen and Billing: Challenges, myth and facts.

Category : Simplifying Restaurant Businesses


In a typical mom and pop restaurant, the waiter takes order on a handwritten KOT (kitchen order ticket) pad. Typically the traditional KOT pad contains 3 copies i.e. Red, Yellow and White paper and waiter takes order using carbon paper. The order process is like….
  • The Red goes to kitchen to process the food. Kitchen keeps this copy and ideally should send all the KOTs to the audit team after the day end.
  • The Yellow remains with the waiter until the food is served. Once the food is served, this copy is sent to the billing counter. The cashier enters the KOT in the system. Finally all such KOTs are sent to audit department to create their jobs. Kidding?. But somehow this is boring task and often ignored and delayed for this very reason. Most of time the entire audit process is stopped.  Moreover if the audit function exists then the report comes after 15 days. The action is delayed. You cannot go to that customer and ask that you have forgotten to bill 2-3 item which was consumed by them.
  • The White remains in the KOT pad. Loads of such pads are created and stored. Finally all those pads are sent to recycle bin. 

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Consumerism and Recent Trends In India

Category : News and Events, Simplifying Restaurant Businesses, Simplifying Retail Businesses


Consumerism essentially means the growing wants and needs of an individual for goods and services. India is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. The consumer’s standard of life is going higher and hence his needs are escalating as well. Consumerism in India, is in a new high, and refuses to show signs of budging anymore. The Indian consumer, due to his exposure, of the global market, strives to get the best of the goods in his home land.

Consumer tastes and preferences are definitely changing. Even children have their own preferences. The retail sector- both organized and unorganized, strive hard to cater to the vast range of the Indian consumers. The retail sector in India, with its present pace, is expected to grow at a rate of 25%- 30% annually.


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