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Efficient Inventory Management with Barcodes

Category : Inventory Management, Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses

Inventory accounts for a major part of any business investment, be it in terms of raw materials or finished goods. The profit of a business depends on how efficiently the inventory is managed.

If you can manage your operations with a low inventory level without running out of stock frequently, you will save a big amount on holding cost.

Barcode Inventory Management system is an exclusive tool designed for the purpose of managing the stock position in a better and efficient way. A barcode is a series of black bars of varying widths with white space in between, printed on a label. Each barcode has a unique value. A barcode scanner is required to read these labels and it eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Here are some benefits of the barcode technology:

* Using barcode scanners at the POS reduces the human error when it comes to identifying products and price.

* Operators can learn to operate the barcode devices within minutes.

* Placing the barcodes on boxes, crates and barrels can help you easily track exactly what is inside the container.

* The time taken for a barcode scanner to complete one transaction is very fast.

The inventory management systems can then let you identify the fast, medium and slow moving items so that you can plan suitable actions to reduce the inventory levels for such items. Getting accurate and timely updates also ensures you can place orders for the fast moving items in time and avoid losing sales due to stock out.

But you should never add, move or remove anything from inventory without first recording the transaction with either the portable barcode scanner or the desktop software, as it will lead to incorrect reporting. As a result the system will not give you correct reorder, usage or quantity report.

FusionRetail software is highly integrated with a large number of barcode readers and scanners so that you can manage your retail operations efficiently. Download a no-obligation demo copy of the software.

9 Easy to Implement Tips to Increase Sales in a Retail Store

Category : Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

If you are keen to increase sales in your retail store, here are some easy to implement tips:

1. You should have a lot of signages that indicate to the shoppers where different types of merchandise is displayed. This helps to direct them to the right area where they can look at and buy the products they are wanting to buy. A lot of people are shy and if they cannot see what they want, they will leave your store rather than ask for directions.

2. When you are displaying some off-beat items, it helps to put some literature besides it that explains what this is and how is it to be used. While one may be curious about a new item, one may not understand the use and leave without buying even though it may be useful to one. You can list multiple ways to use it for different types of folks, where possible.

3. If you accept credit cards, you must display a notice right on the glass entrance or in a prominent position after the entrance so that the shoppers know that they can pay by cards even if they are not carrying much cash. This may encourage them to buy some high value items that they might have skipped for want of cash in hand. This notice can also be displayed at prominent places in different departments.

4. You should display some nick-nacks that are small value and impulse buy items like small gift cards, toffees, small soft toys. The patrons may pick up a few of these while they are waiting for the bill and this will add up to a good amount of extra sale at the end of the day.

5. Don’t greet the customer with “What are you looking for?” immediately upon entering the shop as most people find it very irritating. Several of us are just browsing and will buy something if it piques our interest. However a knowledgeable sales person must be around to attend us if we look for one to ask for some details or want some item to be displayed.

6. I went to a shop today with a flight of about 10 steps to eter the shop. This looked quite challenging, specially for older people. The mind of the person can be diverted by displaying some stickers on the vertical side of the steps announcing offers or latest additions to the range. The steps can be used as free promotional space in this way.

7. The display in the store should be well spaced out to give the impression of a luxury boutique shop. When things are stacked on top of each other, it creates a cramped out and devalues the products on display. You can charge a premium price when you exuberate luxury and you have to offer low prices when you create a wholesale atmosphere.

8. Similarly, if you are selling products at low prices, you might like to leave less space around to give the impression of a bargain joint so that more people are interested in checking out your wares.

9. By strategically placing your displayed items, you can create well defined walk ways and place the items you want to push along these. Thus most of the customers will be able to see them while walking around and the sales for these will eventually go up. Similarly, always put the popular items along these channels so that people can easily locate and pick up those items without having to search for these.

Bonus tip: If you are not already using a computerised billing solution, you should seriously consider installing FusionRetail™ to improve your billing speed, increase accuracy of billing and maintain accounts and inventory much more easily. A free demo copy of the software is available here.

How can a retail POS system help me run my business more efficiently?

Category : Inventory Management, Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses

Are you looking for a way to operate your business more efficiently? Are you finding it hard to deal with increasing shrinkage issues? Is unnecessary paperwork and time management a big concern for you?

POS for Retail

Billing Software for Retail

A POS software (Point Of Sale software can take care of all of the above issues. The point where a retail transaction is completed is called a POS or checkout. There are several advantages of a retail POS system. It’s all about you choosing a correct program that will suit your business needs. A good choice of software is half the job done. POS software is not restricted to a retail shop but even there are customized POS for restaurants and food courts.

When choosing a POS system, ensure that the retail software you choose can automate all of your process-oriented tasks, such as physical count, purchasing, label printing and customer loyalty monitoring. Apart from increasing your efficiency, it can help you manage the entire business as a unit. It simplifies the work, eliminating unnecessary chores and also keeps a track of everything.

Advantages of a good retail Point Of Sales software:

    Everything being recorded instantaneously, from sales to inventory, it is easier to reduce shrinkage.

  • With the help of barcode scanner, every item in the store is sold at correct price.
  • With detailed sales reports, it is easier to keep the right stock on hand leading to managing inventory in a better way.
  • POS software, be it for retail store or a restaurant, will increase the efficiency of the transaction by streamlining the process. It also speeds up the process resulting in more accurate service.
  • A POS ensures price consistency if you have store across multiple locations.
  • POS system can replace the lengthy but important paperwork. Thus it saves a lot of time.

FusionRetail is a very user-friendly software for your retail POS and will help you generate lots of profit from your retail store. Download a FREE demo software and see for yourself how streamlined the retail POS can become so easily!

Retail Marketing Success with Enhanced Customer Experience

Category : Customer Loyalty, Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

It is considered to be 7 times easier to get the customer back in your shop than to get a new customer in. So what are you doing to make your customers come back to your outlet?

Here are some simple tips to keep them connected to you and to convert one-time shoppers to repeat buyers:

Make their shopping a pleasant experience.

Work on the ambience of your retail outlet, display the wares in a well organized fashion, have clear directions to the different sections (clear and ample signage), have knowledgeable salespersons, who won’t bother the “just checking out” people but will have clear explanations for the curious customers.

Work on Quick and easy checkout.

Once the buyers are done with their shopping, they want to check out fast. Have enough billing points and use technology tools like bar code scanners for quick billing. Keep ample change at each counter. Have several payment options like credit and debit cards in addition to cash.

Have courteous staff.

Nothing irritates a shopper more than staff with bad manners. All your touch points like sales persons on the counters, billing counter staff and even the security people at the doors should be well trained in customer relations with polite manners (no harm in being strict with politeness). A soft ‘thank you’ from the security person at the exit adds lots of value to a customer’s experience with your store.

Continue the relationship.

Try to maintain contact even after they have left your store. If you have captured their contact information like email or phone number, thank them for the purchase and write to them at a decent frequency.

This needs a fine balance. You don’t want to bother them with too many emails but want to retain your brand in front of them. Develop a workable frequency with some experimentation.

Actively watch what they could not find.

Sometimes people don’t find what they are looking for. Your sales people should intently watch such reactions and help the patrons locate those items if they are in stock. If many people are asking for something and you don’t have that in stock, consider adding these items soon.

Connect on the social networking sites.

You should handout a simple card with your social networking addresses like those for Facebook and Twitter, to all buyers along with the invoice. Actively request them to connect with your brand to get the latest news, offers and promotions. Ask them to post reviews on Google local, Review Centre and other review sites. This will engage them, attract their friends and also develop a simple bond which you can work on solidifying.

These simple tips will enhance your customer’s shopping experience and they will be tempted to come back to your shop or store rather than waste time at the crappy competitor’s store.

Of course, if you want to take the first big step in streamlining your operations, you can consider taking a demo of our flagship FusionRetail software which will make your billing counter work at wonderful speed.

Customer Service: Delivering the ‘WOW’ Experience

Category : Customer Loyalty, Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

When it is business that one is talking about, there is just one God – that is the customer. A business concern’s primary duty is to look after customer satisfaction. It must provide the customer with an experience so good and satisfying, that the customer is bound to return time and again to the same brand.

Whether it is the stress of the competition or a desire to profit more and more, for some reason, businesses have somehow forgotten what their main focus should be. The customer under all circumstances must be the main focus of any business – big or small. Some people forget about the customer service while competing with other businesses and cutting down prices like there is no tomorrow.

Hence the important thing to keep in mind to survive in such cut throat competition is to actually look after the customer. In other words, a business concern must be customer- driven. That will definitely give the business an edge of its own.

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Consumerism and Recent Trends In India

Category : News and Events, Simplifying Restaurant Businesses, Simplifying Retail Businesses


Consumerism essentially means the growing wants and needs of an individual for goods and services. India is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. The consumer’s standard of life is going higher and hence his needs are escalating as well. Consumerism in India, is in a new high, and refuses to show signs of budging anymore. The Indian consumer, due to his exposure, of the global market, strives to get the best of the goods in his home land.

Consumer tastes and preferences are definitely changing. Even children have their own preferences. The retail sector- both organized and unorganized, strive hard to cater to the vast range of the Indian consumers. The retail sector in India, with its present pace, is expected to grow at a rate of 25%- 30% annually.


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How to control shoplifting-the-deadliest-erosion-of-margin?

Category : Simplifying Retail Businesses

The Scenario


In a self-service modern retail, as per reports from experts, the loss from retail shrinkage accounts for 2 % of total revenue.Retail shrinkage is a reduction in inventory (physical and book) due to shoplifting, employee theft, paperwork errors and supplier fraud. The shoplift alone accounts for more than 50% of retail shrinkage.

According to retail experts the most effective anti-shoplifting tools these days are CCTV and the tag-and-alarm systems, better known as electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. Separately, these are good options. Used together, experts say, they're almost unbeatable.

RFID EAS Technology: How it works?


The Radio Frequency Identification based Electronic Article Surveillance (RFID EAS) is the most popular technology in EAS system. The advantage of RF EAS system is mature, high availability, and cost effective. It is independent of the point of sale and inventory software.
EAS system consists of
  • Electronic Sensors (AKA detector, eas gate etc)
  • Deactivator System (AKA detacher, deactivator etc) and
  • Label or Tag. (AKA hard tag, soft tag, reusable tags etc)

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How to print barcode using raw EPL?

Category : Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

As you might have noticed that 90% of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) already come with the product barcode printed on it. These barcodes are called UPC, EAN or GS1 barcode.  These barcodes make it easier to handle the SKU at receiving end and point of sale.For the SKU which does not have the pre printed barcode, you need to print barcode labels using a “barcode printer” to make a faster and error free billing at cash counter.

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Change Coins in Retail Shops

Category : Customer Loyalty, Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

Most fortunes are built on innovation. Innovation has always been a vehicle for growth of humankind. Businesses have also advanced and grown on original ideas helping the innovators to greater fortune. On the other hand, before implementing these innovations a lot of thought should be given to the feasibility of the idea.

Let us consider the tale of a businessman who observed that the business was paying 10-20% more to buy changes and coins. At the same time it was essential to have them for efficient running of the business. Then he came up with an idea.

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Green Retail: Caring for Mother Earth

Category : News and Events, Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

It is time that we did something for the environment and now we are finally doing something. It has been noticed that the growing number of retailers who emphasize on the fact that you carry your own bag while going shopping is increasing rapidly. Is this something good or bad?

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