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6 Multi Store Retail Challenges and Their Solutions... Are you a multi store retailer looking for solutions to your chain store management problems? Not to worry. FusionRetail has an answer to your troubles. Below are 6 challenges of multi store retailing...

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5 Dumb Ways to Manage Your Store So you think you are a smart manager? That you know very well how to manage your store? You are probably right too. You must have gathered a lot of experience over the years in managing your retail...

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Running A Retail Mall With a Software Retail malls have their own set of operational issues. They range from longer queue management to more extensive inventory management. It often becomes daunting. See how Shankar Mall in Dhanbad has...

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Managing a Wholesale Business With a Retail Software Did you think managing a wholesale business with a retail software is possible? "Why not!" says our client Shankar Novelty. Check out this video by their proprietor Mr. Ashoke Kumar Saw where he talks...

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6 Multi Store Retail Challenges and Their Solutions by FusionRetail

Category : Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

chain store management solutions by fusionretailAre you a multi store retailer looking for solutions to your chain store management problems?

Not to worry. FusionRetail has an answer to your troubles. Below are 6 challenges of multi store retailing you may have been facing and their solutions by FusionRetail:

1. Connectivity

Connectivity becomes a major challenge if taken casually, in multi-store retailing. Be it a desktop-based system or an online system, connecting HQ (head quarter) server with clients (store computers) is a tough task.

FusionRetail’s SmartClient architecture can help you relax in this situation. It offers the feature of ‘occasionally connected clients’. All you need is a simple dial up or a broadband internet connection. The smart client technology allows each location to work independently even if the internet connectivity is lost. The data gets automatically synced with the head office whenever connectivity is restored.

2. Data Synchronization

Data synchronization is second biggest challenge after Connectivity. In retail, stores operate from different geographies (time-zones) and locations (remote-sites) and have different operating hours (work-hours). It is vital to sync data timely in order to analyze and take action accordingly.

You may then ask:

- How data-sync will happen?

- What will be the time-interval of this synchronization?

- How will the system ensure that there is no loss of data?

FusionRetail’s near real-time data synchronization offers connectivity over internet and fixed IP. This means that each location synchronizes its data with head quarter and vice-versa as and when they get the connectivity. Simpler, isn’t it?

3. Deployment

When you prepare to expand into a multi store retail business, deployment comes to you as the third most important challenge. How do you set up the new store with the same systems?

FusionRetail enables the operations or IT team to execute the deployment of a new store from the head quarter. It allows the creation and setting up of all system wide settings from the HQ to the other outlets.

All the activities such as printing, options and security are centrally controlled by FusionRetail. This means there is Zero Setup at branch location. The setup does not require any special skills at the branch location. Phew! Feeling relaxed now?

4. Cross-store operations

It is important as a multi-store retailer that you offer same value-added services across all your stores. For e.g. return or exchange of goods, sales returns or issuing of credit notes, customer point redemption and delivery. FusionRetail allows businesses to perform these activities in a centralized way and offer a better customer experience.

5. Multi-store reporting

Getting daily reports from all your stores, for e.g. stock and sales reports are very important. Because these reports allow business owners and managers to generate consolidated results on sales performance across the chain.

Inventory and valuation reports provide you the with the crucial information about where inventory is being distributed. This will help you take quick & critical decisions regarding buying & transferring stock.

6. Branch Accounting – Franchised Store, Owned Store

Multi-store brands operate on both company-owned and franchised store model. Hence they need branch accounts to be managed centrally as well locally.

FusionRetail’s financial account enables the finance and accounts department to manage the same easily and efficiently. Integrated accounts save upto 60% of operational time of their finance team.

For more details on the chain store management solutions by FusionRetail, do get in touch with us.

5 Dumb Ways to Manage Your Store

Category : Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

5 dumb ways to manage your retail storeSo you think you are a smart manager? That you know very well how to manage your store?

You are probably right too. You must have gathered a lot of experience over the years in managing your retail store well.

But what if you have also been a bit dumb about it? Often, we get too engrossed in the things that work very well for us. And end up overlooking things that harm us. Chances are that you have gone through the same. And if you are a retail store manager, this could turn out to be catastrophic.

Below are 5 dumb ways in which you can manage your store:

1. Ignore your staff members

Why care about training your staff in handling deals and customers? That’s a total waste of money right! Your employees know everything. They are brilliant already. You should totally ignore things like training and development.

2. Get married to your products

What good are you if you are not adamant that your product is what your customers want! After all, that’s how you will push sales right?

You should not at all bother about things like market demands, new inventions and customer needs. They are for some other people. Not you. Your product is awesome. End of story!

3. Visual merchandising. What’s that?

You do not judge a book by its cover. Then why bother dressing up your product and store! The customer will buy anything you sell him even if you do so in the most unappealing way. Because, let’s not be vain. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Though, you can stop to think – what if you customer is vain when it comes to your products? But probably you do not care about judgmental people. Good for you!

4. Ignore your customer’s happiness

As high as 60% of them are willing to pay more for good service – research says. But, what do they know! They don’t work in your store. I do. Customers just buy probably because your store and product is awesome. They don’t bother much with how you treat them.

So intelligent! Did you not know? Absence of dissatisfaction is not equal to satisfaction any more.

5. Don’t be online

You don’t sell your products online. So why waste time and energy on having online presence? You would rather focus on more sales, more customer retention, more profits.

By the way – did you stop to think that all your customers are online these days. And they probably bad mouth you if you have been ignoring them / not delighting them! Go online. Really.

But you know what – you should always blame the economy, government or competition for the problems you face as a retailer. Or any business owner for that matter.

Because you are perfect. And probably a bit dumb too!

Running A Retail Mall With a Software

Category : Simplifying Retail Businesses

Retail malls have their own set of operational issues. They range from longer queue management to more extensive inventory management. It often becomes daunting.

See how Shankar Mall in Dhanbad has been dealing with their difficulties exceptionally well with FusionRetail.

With FusionRetail efficiently managing their operations, the owners of Shankar Mall have been able to focus on more important things like business growth and expansion.

We wish Shankar Mall all the very best and strive to keep delivering all that we have promised in the best possible way we can.

Check out a free demo of FusionRetail to see how it can help you get the best out of your retail business.

Managing a Wholesale Business With a Retail Software

Category : Simplifying Retail Businesses

Did you think managing a wholesale business with a retail software is possible? “Why not!” says our client Shankar Novelty.

Check out this video by their proprietor Mr. Ashoke Kumar Saw where he talks about how he uses FusionRetail to manage his wholesale business:

Shankar Novelty was initially a retail store. When they shifted from retail to wholesale, they needed a software to run their operations. We customized FsuionRetail for them to manage their wholesale business.

FusionRetail can be used for all types of retail businesses. And as evident from the example above, it can also be used for wholesale businesses.

Download a today to see how it fits your business!

Time Saving Transactions with FusionRetail

Category : Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

Did you know “Long billing counter queues turn your shoppers off!”? And they often drop or postpone the idea of shopping even after deciding what they want to buy.

Don’t lose your valuable customers and sales to a slow billing system. Here’s how you can learn from Anuradha about how they reduced their transaction time from 30mins to mere 2mins!

Save your customers’ time in each and every step of dealing with them. And this can only be made possible if you have an efficient billing in your store. Imagine the following:

1. A store where billing takes the least time, irrespective of the bulk of shopping and length of queue.

2. Your sales ends today but tomorrow, before your customers arrive, new stock is already up on the racks. Ready to be sold!

No we are not making castles in the air. It is very much possible! With a good software that knows how to bill fast and manage your inventory like a pro.

FusionRetail does that for you. Check out the free demo to see how.

5 Reasons to automate your business

Category : Simplifying Restaurant Businesses, Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

New financial year is on the card and you must be planning for automation.
Here’s a few tips and benefits to facilitate your decision.

1. Explore the power of technology
Install ready-to-use solution tailored according to your business requirements
Simple, yet powerful enough to handle all complex business tasks.
Accurate data entries, faster report generation and maintenance free IT infrastructure

2. Sell more with automated systems
Evaluate the purchasing pattern of customers periodically
Give those quick-selling goods prime position in the display
“When you see it, you buy it”.

3. Serve more customers and market yourself better
Know your customer’s preferences and tastes
Implement more engaging loyalty programs with automated systems
“More customers = More sales = More profit”

4. Eliminate dependency and double book-keeping
Integrated systems reduces duplication of work and increases efficiency
It reduces manpower dependency, there by reducing human-errors
No need for maintaining separate books for inventory and accounts

5. You can go home earlier and live a better life
Automated systems and process streamlines your efforts
It shoulders your responsibility even when you’re away from it.
You’ve got more time, so why not?

Click here to achieve better performance and greater control in your business.

Using FusionRetail as a Research Tool

Category : Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses

You know how intriguing customers can be! Understanding them is very important. What they buy, when they buy, how they buy – these are extremely valuable data that you cannot do without. FusionRetail is an excellent tool for solving this problem. More about this in the video below:

The software has a provision called Footfall vs. Conversion Matrix which generates detailed reports with data from important source points. Thus, it acts as a research tool indicating Buying patterns & other important trends.

Business owners can use the results from these reports to improve the decision making. FusionRetail generates these reports daily which makes it much easier to compare results from different time periods.

Download a FREE DEMO of FusionRetail & check out this amazing feature today.

Can a Retail Management Software Help a Salon Increase their Sales?

Category : Inventory Management, Simplifying Retail Businesses

The answer is yes. If you are wondering how that’s possible, please listen to Mr. Pankaj Killa’s experience. He is the director of Head Turners, a hair styling and beauty salon based out of Kolkata. In the video below, he talks about how FusionRetail helped his chain of salons become more profitable.

If you run a chain of stores, you would know how important it is to control the functioning of all stores from a single point. This will not only give you a bird’s eye view of your business; but also help you regulate them.

No more missing out on – which outlet is running low on inventory and which store has been witnessing a drop in the number of customers. A centralized retail management software can put an end to these woes.

With FusionRetail, Head Turners integrated all their 11 outlets across Eastern India. The comprehensive daily reports generated from data across all stores helped them create better plans and policies. They could thus identify loopholes and cut down costs.

The software helped them increase sales by optimizing the business functions. Head Turners has become a very successful chain of salons over the years. Who would have thought a retail management software could do that for a Salon!

If you are looking for similareffective solutions for your business, FusionRetail can be of help. Download a FREE DEMO of our software and see for yourself!

6 Ways to Increase Sales During Festivals

Category : Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

retail tips valentine sale imageFestivals are when people buy gifts for their loved ones; it is when they love to shop. Hence, they are great opportunities for running sales promotion campaigns. If you do it right, you will end up increasing footfall, shooting your sales up and definitely creating a buzz. Below are a few ideas you could use:

    1. Extra benefits on loyalty programs:
    Give more to those who already buy a lot from you. Increasing card discounts from 3.5% to 5% for all purchases during Valentine Week or adding points worth 10% of their purchase will make your customers very happy.

    2. Festive goodies:
    You will definitely be decorating your store. Apart from the festoons and hangings, you can also get goodies designed especially for the season. For e.g. if you have heart shaped bags with ribbons attached on it for Valentine’s Day, your customers will tend to keep that bag and maybe carry it around. More visibility to your name. If you do not offer free gift wrapping, you may offer to do so during the festive season. You can have each gift wrapped nicely with ribbons and laces for your customers.

    3. Actually celebrate the festival in the store:
    Creating a festive mood will make your customers want to stay longer. For e.g. for Valentine Week, you can have someone dressed as Cupid welcoming the customers in. Or, you can have huge board near the exit / billing counter where customers can doodle / write their favorite quotations about love. Make them feel good. They will keep coming back.

    McDonalds did this once during Holi. They had a board where visitors could leave their hand prints in their favorite color, get pictures with their artwork and then wash off the colors easily – thus creating  a happy customer who always comes back.

    4. Surprise your customers:
    Try to give away something to every customer. It could be something as simple as a small heart shaped soft toy or even gift cards with endearing words written. If you can manage a personalized card, that would really help. For purchases of bigger amounts, you can think of gifts like movie tickets, dine out coupons, book vouchers etc. Surprise your customers!

    5. Communicate your offers before the season:
    Tell your customers about the offers through SMS, emails, store announcements, hoardings etc. If they have information about what to expect, they might just drop in to check things out. That’s when you can surprise them using some of the above tips.

    6. Manage the footfall:
    Season shopping spree means increased footfall. A poorly managed crowd may lead to huge loss in sales. Customers often leave at the sight of big queues at the billing counters or trial rooms. Have action plans ready for the D-day. Billing counter queues can be managed with the help of efficient POS software like FusionRetail handled by well trained staff who know what they are doing.

    Get a free DEMO of FusionRetail

Goldratt Principles of Successful Inventory Management

Category : Inventory Management, Point of Sale (POS), Simplifying Retail Businesses, Smart Tips

Goldratt inventory management priciplesInventory management is one of the biggest challenges of a retail store, be it a single store or a chain of stores. Being able to successfully determine the correct inventory levels is a puzzle – one where you get amply rewarded when you master it.

Too much of inventory results in tied up cash and interest, insurance & taxes, storage and handling costs, damage, loss and spoilage costs. Too less of inventory results in lost customer resulting in lost revenue and profits.

An efficient inventory management system works for you to keep right inventory resulting in increased profits and satisfied customers. It ensures quick turnaround, minimal holding cost and maximum customer satisfaction. the right inventory levels are determined based on several considerations, like effective lead time, inventory buffers, smart operating practices, dispose of dead stock, analyzes past performance and adapts current trends.

When you decide on buying a retail software, you must ask detailed questions about the inventory management features of the software and whether it limits itself to reporting stock position or it helps you to determine the ideal levels and advises for placing orders at the right time in the right quantity.

FusionRetail software has extensive inventory management features integrated – click here to find out more.