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6 Multi Store Retail Challenges and Their Solutions... Are you a multi store retailer looking for solutions to your chain store management problems? Not to worry. FusionRetail has an answer to your troubles. Below are 6 challenges of multi store retailing...

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Prepaid Taxi Booth Billing Software by Rancelab Have you ever stood in the prepaid taxi queue outside Howrah station in Kolkata? The agony of the long wait, first for getting your token and then for finding your cab - is often unbearable. Same is the...

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5 Dumb Ways to Manage Your Store So you think you are a smart manager? That you know very well how to manage your store? You are probably right too. You must have gathered a lot of experience over the years in managing your retail...

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Running A Retail Mall With a Software Retail malls have their own set of operational issues. They range from longer queue management to more extensive inventory management. It often becomes daunting. See how Shankar Mall in Dhanbad has...

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Managing a Wholesale Business With a Retail Software Did you think managing a wholesale business with a retail software is possible? "Why not!" says our client Shankar Novelty. Check out this video by their proprietor Mr. Ashoke Kumar Saw where he talks...

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About RanceLab – FusionRetail

About Us

- We believe in providing the Retail Solutions that are guaranteed to bring smile on the face of our Customers.
- We pride of ourselves on prompt after sales service, a fact which is borne out by our ever increasing Customer List.

Who we are?

- We are Kolkata, India based Solution Provider, Committed to Simplify Business Practices. – Since 1996 engaged in Sales and Service of POS Products and Software for Retail Industry.
- Our Core Team members are highly qualified and having domain knowledge of Retail and F&B industry.
- Product: FusionRetail. Fully Modular, Easy to Use and Implement, Retail Management Software.
- Hardware Products: Barcode & POS Products from reputed brands. 
- Services: Implementation Service and Guidelines.
- Successfully implemented Business Practices in various segment such as Department Store, Garment Shop, Restaurants, Grocery Shops, Designer Boutique, Music Stores, etc. 
- Sounds technical setup and service policy in place

Vision and Mission Statement

- Our vision is to be a global solution provider for Retail Businesses covering all critical aspects of the retail business. 
- Our mission is to make powerful enterprises with best of IT Solutions.
- We concentrate on providing solutions that move Retail Businesses.
- We focus our energies on providing clients with Simple Business Practices.
- We keep our Customer at the center of all Business Processes in all our Solutions.

Achievement in Retailing

- We already have 500+ installations and growing day by day in all over India. 
- FusionRetail is Retail Software that meets International Standards.
- FusionRetail is a ready to use software with lower implementation efforts.
- We have strategic tie up with the world known POS Hardware vendors.
- We have vast experience in Retail Management.


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